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Here is a little information about our club and our prices. If there are differences between this page and the norwegian information, the norwegian one is usually correct. We recommend using google translate on the norwegian version of this site for the most extensive and up to date information. Do not hesitate to ask us if something is unclear. Our courses can usually be taken without knowledge of norwegian, as long as you have a good understanding of english.

Google translate of webpage: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=no&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fntnuf.no. Note that the price translations are wrong, google translate naively translates norwegian kroners to USD without actually converting the currency. All prices shown are in NOK.

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NTNU Flyklubb (Flying Club) has been around for 80 years and is a gliding club in Trondheim. NTNUF has close relations to the university NTNU, a lot of our members attend the univeristy and it is our primary source of new student pilots.


Our clubhouse is located near Lerkendal Stadium and is called Paulinegård (shortened «PG»). Here we have a glider workshop, a kitchen and a livingroom. We meet here for classes, social gatherings and volunteer work.

Oppdal Airfield

During the school year we fly at Oppdal Airfield every weekend. We carpool together from Paulinegård every flying day. Saturdays we meet at 7 AM and Sundays we meet there at 9 AM. We usually return in the late afternoon or evening.

Starmoen Airfield

In early May we move ourglider to Starmoen airfield for the summer, because there’s always a tug pilot and a tug plane there, as well as multiple competitions and activites. Our gliders typicaly return to Oppdal the first or second weekend of August.


Bank account:  DNB 1503.27.61140 IBAN: NO9415032761140

Prices for introductory courses and single flights:
StudentSingle trip 800 krTwo trips (recommended) 1300 kr
Non-studentSingle trip 1000 krTwo trips (recommended) 1600 kr
Extra for having one of the flights include aerobatics (dependent on available instructor) +300 kr
Extra flights (on same day only) , Student+600 kr
Extra flights (on same day only) , Non-Student+700

It costs aproximatly 25 000 kr to obtain a norwegian glider licence, this takes around 1 year, depending on your activity level. As an active gliderpilot one can fly a lot for less than 15 000 kr a year. Prices per flight are around 250kr when you are a member and have paid yearly rent (aprox 6500kr).

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Introduction courses or single flights: